Wedding Highlight Videos: Why Book One?

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Wedding Highlight Videos

I’ve been offering wedding highlight videos alongside my wedding photography packages for a number of years now. They are fantastic fun to work on and even more exciting for my couples… You’ll absolutely love watching all the BEST memories from your wedding again and again!

A wedding highlights film is the perfect thing to relive the best bits of your wedding day. My short wedding films come in under 4 minutes and are set to upbeat music in easy to watch and share format. Perfect for a quick wedding fix when you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare!

Here’s an example wedding highlights film from Lauren & John’s alternative wedding in Manchester.

Here’s what Lauren had to say about her and John’s video:

“We went for the wedding highlights film as part of our package (which I would totally recommend as it’s BRILLIANT… I’ve re-watched it far more than is healthy…) Cass had a second photographer (who was also lovely) with her to ensure both stills and motion could be captured without missing anything. The two of them fitted seamlessly into our day.
When we got the photos and the video through, we were – and are – so so happy. She’s captured the essence of the day perfectly, there was so much happiness and laughter. Having that atmosphere and those memories captured in these things that we can keep forever is just amazing. I’d recommend Cass to anyone. Thank you!” 

Above: James & Pip’s Sefton Park Palm House Wedding Photos

What is a wedding highlights film?

A wedding highlights film tells the story of your big day in 3-4 minutes. I set my wedding highlight videos to music, so there’s no speaking or audio from the wedding. Put simply, a wedding highlights film is like a movie trailer of your big day, with all the best bits!

I edit my wedding films in the same way as my colourful wedding photographs. They are vibrant, joyful, fun and fast-paced. Just like your wedding itself!

Above: Neave & Andy’s Styal Lodge Wedding Video

Why should I book a wedding highlights video?

Weddings are busy days with lots happening. It’s true what they say: the day goes too fast! Professional wedding photography and videography helps to preserve everything that happened at your wedding, so you can relive the day once more. When you watch your wedding highlight video or look at your wedding photos, you’ll notice things that you missed and will be able to remember all your favourite bits too!

A highlights film is wonderful if you just want to remember the essence of your day, but don’t necessarily want to sit down and re-watch the whole thing. It’s short enough that you can watch it anytime on your phone and feel the memories come flooding back as you do.

Some of the benefits of booking a wedding highlights film are:

  • Easy to watch anytime & anywhere
  • Share easily with friends and family
  • Lower price point compared to a full video

Above: Bethany & Sam’s Plas Dinam Wedding

Why should I book a wedding videographer?

Now here’s the thing, my highlights films are not designed to replace the service professional wedding videography can offer you. A wedding videographer will be able to produce a cinematic feature length wedding film with great quality audio. This is the right choice if you’d like to see and hear the ceremony and the speeches. The majority of wedding videographers will also do a highlights film of your day too, so it’s win win if you like the idea of both styles of film.

If you are serious about documenting your day with video and you don’t want to miss a moment, I highly recommend booking a wedding videographer. Two of my faves are Jo Gendle Films, who is a fellow cat lady and makes fun and quirky wedding films. And Bruce at Love Two Film is a lovely chap who makes cinematic, modern wedding videos.

Wedding highlights videos FAQ’s

How do you film video footage at a wedding?

Throughout the day I’ll take short video clips as well as still photographs. Thanks to the advances in camera technology over the past few years, you can get stunning video and stills from the same camera. The clips are only a few seconds long each, so filming them doesn’t take away from snapping away as much as possible.

I always work alongside a second photographer/videographer when I’m making a highlights film. This ensures that we don’t any key moments!

How do you edit a wedding film?

This is the fun bit for me. I upload and back up all the clips I’ve filmed on the day and then import them into Adobe Lightroom to edit them in my signature colourful style. Then I take them into Premier Pro to edit them to the music track.

I like to listen to the rhythm of the music and cut the clips to the beat, which makes the finished video more exciting and dynamic to watch. Depending on the wedding, sometimes I’ll put the clips in chronological order or sometimes I’ll mix them up to create momentum to the video. It’s like putting together a jigsaw!

I’ll watch and re-watch the video to make sure the clips are working well together, then it’s time to export. I export the finished video at a setting that’s high resolution, but also good for watching via streaming. I upload the finished video to my Vimeo page, ready for you to watch and share with all your friends! You can also download the video from there too.

Can we choose the music for our wedding video?

The answer is… yes and no! Unfortunately for copyright reasons, I’m unable to use tunes from mainstream artists for wedding videos. However, if you like a DIY band or artist on an independent record label, I’m always happy to approach them to see if they will let us use one of their tracks. I’ve always got my ear out for good tunes that would make a killer video!

Most of the time, I buy tracks for wedding videos from Musicbed. They have an awesome selection of music from artists that make tunes especially for this purpose. They have loads of different genres on the site, so if you’ve got something specific in mind for your video we can find a track that will suit your tastes.

Once I’ve come up with a few ideas for what will suit your video, I can provide you with a shortlist to choose from. In general I find that upbeat tracks work really well with the style of fun wedding videos that I make. The track really does set the tone for the whole project and is the most important decision about the video, in my opinion. As an amateur musician myself, music is so important to me, so have no fear, your video music will never be cheesy or boring!

Wedding highlight videos

I include wedding highlight videos in The Works wedding photography and videography package. You can also add a wedding highlights film to any other wedding package for an additional supplement. Please pop me an email to add video to your existing package. Or to enquire about my availability for your date, please fill out my contact form.

I also offer my wedding highlights videography as a standalone service, as long as I’m not already booked for wedding photography! Please contact me for a bespoke quotation and my availability and whilst you’re here, you can read more about my work and your wedding experience.