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Colourful wedding photography

You may have noticed that I absolutely love colourful wedding photography! Vibrant visuals are my signature style and I’m very much known as a colourful wedding photographer. Take a look through the gallery above to view a selection of my favourite vibrant wedding photos. Or visit my blog to see Best Colourful Wedding Photography 2022 for a full years worth of kick-ass wedding photography!

8 reasons to choose colourful wedding photographs

  1. Colour wedding photos really pop. Our eyes are naturally drawn to bold and bright images, making your finished wedding photos even more appealing.
  2. Colourful wedding images convey a sense of joy, energy and excitement. And that’s what weddings are all about!
  3. If your wedding theme features a kaleidoscope of hues, it makes total sense to show them off to the fullest. From the flowers in the bouquets to the playful hues of confetti, every element of your wedding becomes an opportunity for colour to shine.
  4. Bold, vibrant images look fantastic printed in wedding albums or on your walls. Your wedding photos can be works of art you can appreciate every day.
  5. Colourful wedding photography captures your day just as you saw it through your own eyes, evoking happy memories in a powerful way when you look through your wedding album.
  6. Getting married in nature? Whether it’s the fiery hues of a sunset, or the green of an outdoor ceremony, colourful photography can capture the natural beauty of your wedding.
  7. Perhaps you have a colourful personality yourself? Choosing a wedding photographer who can capture the essence of you as a couple is so important.
  8. Colour never goes out of fashion. My editing style is vibrant, colourful and warm, but isn’t too ‘overdone’ – making your wedding photos timeless.

But what about black and white wedding photographs? 

Black and white images have their place in your wedding story too. I deliver a small selection of black and white images when I feel they suit the mood better. To find out more about the way I work, please contact me to book a consultation and I will be happy to talk you through all the details.

My colourful wedding photography style is a celebration of everything that’s great about weddings. Colour represents all the fun and laughter that you’ll have on your wedding day! Your wedding photos will become treasured over time, showing you did your wedding day your way: in full colour!

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