DIY Wedding in Cheshire: Amy & Dave

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DIY Wedding in Cheshire

Since we’re currently in pre-wedding season, I’m using the quieter time to catch up on some blogging. When I realised I hadn’t blogged Amy & Dave’s wedding yet, I had to make them the next on my list! I can’t quite believe it’s been well over a year since their gorgeous DIY wedding in Cheshire. I think you’re going to love Amy & Dave’s wedding for its festival styling and relaxed atmosphere.

Amy & Dave chose September for their wedding celebrations and got married on a gorgeous sunny day. They held their ceremony at St. Oswald’s Church near Chester, close to Amy’s parents’ home. There was lots of joy and laughter during the ceremony right from the moment Amy’s dad walked her down the aisle.

After being declared husband and wife, Amy & Dave left the church to a real pelting of confetti. Their guests really went for it and I think poor Dave ended up with half the petals in his mouth! The image of Dave’s glasses falling off as him and Amy share a kiss at the end of the confetti is one my absolute favourite photographs of all time!

Ayesha and I then hot-footed it over the wedding reception just in time to see the bridal party arrive on a tractor. It was so fun to see the bridesmaids’ and ushers’ smiling faces and the delight of the guests as they made their big entrance! The bridal party looked very stylish with the bridesmaids in gorgeous floral dresses, which were perfect for a relaxed September wedding. Ayesha and I adored Amy’s style; her sparkly wedding gown was just the right thing for dancing the night away!

Festival Wedding in Cheshire

Amy & Dave held their wedding reception at home and it was truly impressive how they and their families had transformed an empty field. Whilst it must have taken so much organisation to pull off, it really was great as Amy & Dave could have exactly the big day they wanted.

The field had been decorated wonderfully ready for the afternoon of celebrations. There was so much for Amy & Dave’s guests to see and do. From the garden games, the seaside-style photo-booth and hay bales for chatting away, there was a place for everyone to enjoy themselves. Inside they had transformed the marquee with colourful lanterns and paper cranes. It was the perfect eclectic mix that was relaxed and informal whilst being colourful and pretty.

There was also plenty of food and drink for the guests to enjoy that gave Amy & Dave’s wedding a real festival feel. They had beer on tap and a gin bar with all the accompaniments so that you could just help yourself to what you fancied. This also extended to puddings and cheese – just help yourself and enjoy!

Big thanks to Amy & Dave for having Ayesha and I along to celebrate your big day!

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Wedding Photography Cheshire

I hope you enjoyed looking at the informal and fun wedding photography from Amy & Dave’s DIY wedding in Cheshire today! If you enjoyed this festival wedding, you might like to view more natural wedding photography at my blog. Here you will find lots more wedding inspiration and colourful wedding photography from across Cheshire.

After their wedding, Amy & Dave very kindly agreed to model for us at Shoot Joy Workshop. They were absolute stars! Ayesha and I are very grateful to them for giving up their time to help us teach our wedding photography workshop at Oddfellows on the Park.

If you’re planning a DIY wedding in Cheshire and need a photographer, I would love to hear from you! To find out more about me and the wedding photography services I offer, feel free to browse around my website or get in touch. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have about professional wedding photography. To find out if I’m available for your wedding date, please contact me via my contact form.


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Second photographer: Ayesha Photography / Ceremony: St. Oswalds Church, Backford