Countryside Vintage Wedding: Lydia & Matt

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Brills Farm Wedding Photography

Lydia & Matt held their countryside vintage wedding in September, choosing a personal ceremony at Harmston Church in the Lincolnshire village where Matt grew up, followed by a reception at Brills Farm.

It was a beautiful early-autumn day when I arrived at Lydia’s preparations and I just couldn’t resist perching Lydia’s ballet shoes and fresh flower headpiece on those apples! Meanwhile, my second shooter Aden from Henden Weddings was making friends with Matt’s family pets…

It was then onto Harmston Church for Lydia & Matt’s ceremony, which was swiftly followed by ice cream provided by Matt’s best man, much to the delight of the guests. We then headed to Brills Farm in Norton Disney for their reception which included a South African style BBQ and lots of dancing.

Aden and I were joined by Adam & Rachel from Adam Galwas Productions who were filming Lydia & Matt’s day.

Congratulations to Lydia & Matt. Here’s your day…

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