A colourful DIY wedding in North Wales: Emily & Richard

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Vintage Wedding Photography

Emily & Richard were married back in June and held their fabulous colourful wedding in North Wales. The ceremony was held at St. Cynfarch & St. Mary’s Church, followed by their reception at Emily’s parents house. Emily & Richard had gone to great lengths to have the reception they wanted; completely┬árenovating a disused barn and calling in favours from friends and family to get it ready in time for the wedding. Their reception details were planned to perfection, with a colour palette of coral, orange & pink being used for all the different elements from the paper┬ápom poms to the bouquets, right down the the ombre wedding cake.

As well as being stylish, Emily & Richard’s wedding had a really relaxed family feel, with loads of babies, dogs and cats joining in on the fun. The weather was pretty spectacular too and it was great to head into a nearby field at golden hour for portraits (with the dogs in tow!).

Congratulations to Emily & Richard and here’s your day… (you’ll want to get your Pinterest at the ready!)

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  • Giselle says:

    Nice theme, nice photography, nice place, nice wedding gown is equal to perfection! This is so fab!

  • Giselle says:

    Nice theme, nice photography, nice place, nice wedding gown is equal to perfection! This is so fab! Congratulations!