Tipi Wedding in Cheshire: Tash & Jonny

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Tipi Wedding Photography-48I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was at Tash & Jonny’s gorgeous tipi wedding in the Cheshire countryside! These two had pulled out all the stops on the DIY front, holding their wedding at a farm in Frodsham and it was every bit as lovely as I had imagined. Everyone had made such an effort to create an awesome setting for the wedding, including setting up the tipi, growing and arranging flowers and even building a wooden cover for Tash & Jonny to marry under. Plus, all the guests were great fun, so an amazing time was had by all!

Louise Burns conducted Tash & Jonny’s ceremony and included personalised vows and readings. It really was an idyllic setting for a ceremony looking out onto the hills and the river Mersey in the distance and it was a memorable one too, as it was the first time Louise had been heckled by a jogger dressed as Where’s Wally (and hopefully the last!).

As the evening drew in, the fire was lit in the tipi and it was party time! There were some pretty crazy dance moves going down as well as a rendition of Mustang Sally by Tash & her bridesmaids accompanied by the band. As a surprise treat for all the guests, Tash & Jonny had arranged a bumper Domino’s pizza delivery too – winner evening food in my opinion!

Congratulations to Tash & Jonny and happy anniversary!

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