New York Elopement: Ayesha & Phil

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New York Elopement

I couldn’t let Ayesha & Phil’s 1st anniversary go by without finally blogging their gorgeous New York elopement! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that Ayesha is my closest photographer pal (check out her work here). We’ve shot many weddings side by side and have also trained other photographers at our workshop, Shoot Joy. So what a privilege it was to join Ayesha, Phil and 10 of their nearest and dearest in New York City for their big day. We had such an ace time and it was an experience we’ll never forget!

Ayesha & Phil’s wedding was unlike any other I’ve been involved in. It was a fast-paced, action-packed day; with multiple locations (not to mention walking in heels involved!) It was my first time in New York and, my oh my, this place blows your senses! From a creative point of view, it felt like a fresh challenge to capture the day off the cuff, shooting from the hip and going with the flow. I was doing video for the first time as well as stills, so it was all new and extremely inspiring. Helen of Schryver Weddings was also there being a glamorous bridesmaid and photographer too, so between us we had it covered! You can see Helen’s fantastic photos from the day here: New York City Destination Wedding Photographer

The day began at the apartment in Soho where Ayesha and her best girls were getting ready. After a super-busy morning of preparations, things slowed down and got emotional when we headed into the street for Ayesha & Phil’s first look… After some happy tears, we all hopped in iconic yellow cabs to City Hall. Being the nosy person I am, this was one of my favourite bits of the day. It really was a slice of life in there! You take your ticket and wait to be called to get married. And in the meantime, you can watch all the other brides and grooms come and go. Once it was Ayesha & Phil’s turn, we were in and out in a flash. Before we knew it we were out on the steps throwing confetti and eating pretzels!

From there, it was onto Brooklyn bridge for photos. With people crammed on the bridge and bikes whizzing past, this portrait session was not for the faint hearted! But I am so thrilled with the images from this part of the day. Ayesha & Phil were naturals!

After a quick stop for a breakdance with some locals, we were on the subway headed for Central Park. I put my camera down for this bit and handed over to Helen, as Ayesha & Phil had asked me to be their celebrant for a longer, personal, outdoor ceremony. It was my first time speaking at a wedding and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was lovely to slow down for a bit, reflect on the significance of the day and hear Ayesha & Phil’s promises to each other.

Running around New York City, ducking into the subway, picnicking in central park, breakdancing with the locals, nearly being run over by bikes on the Brooklyn bridge… I have genuinely never been so tired in all my life! Ayesha & Phil, you did a New York elopement and you did it good! I hope you enjoy these photographs. If you’d like to see the video (I can’t share it publicly due to using some very famous music on it!) pop me a message and I’ll send you a link.

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New York Elopement

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Ayesha’s top: Emma Beaumont / Ayesha’s skirt: Charlie Brear at The White Closet / Ayesha’s earrings: Zara / Ayesha’s shoes: Jimmy Choo / Ayesha’s boots: Topshop/ Make-up: Make Up by Sara Grace / Phil’s suit: Noose & Monkey / Catering: Perfect Picnic