My Trip to Cuba

By 26/02/2016 3 Comments

In January, we took some time out and travelled around Cuba. It was a country that I’d been interested in for a long time because of its unusual history. It became even more fascinating once we were there and absorbed in Revolutionary propaganda, vintage cars and, of course, rum!

We started our trip in Matanzas, took the legendary Hershey Train to Havana and then flew to tropical Baracoa before returning to Manchester from Holguin via second city and birthplace of the Castro’s; Santiago de Cuba.

Cuba isn’t the easiest place for a holiday; transport is notoriously unreliable (often held together with string!), internet non-existent and thanks to the trade embargo, simple supplies are often impossible to get hold of. Until very recently everything has remained in a time warp and as a result, the country has an antiquated air that seems to be crying out for the new. With Obama’s visit imminent (the first one from a US President since 1928!) Cuba really is embracing change. And from what we understood this divides opinion…

Politics aside, I’m not a fan of taking my ‘big’ camera on holiday so for this trip I dusted off an old Pentax K1000 I hadn’t used in years. I should have really tested this camera beforehand because during the trip, vital parts persistently fell off and it suffered from some huge light leaks too! But, much like Cuba itself, the foibles of the Pentax somehow add to the charm. For me anyway.

Thanks to UK Film Lab for the developing and scanning my (mis)adventures in film.

P.S If anyone needs travel recommendations for Cuba – I’m your girl!

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