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Best Creative Wedding Photography 2015

By 09/02/2016 2 Comments

Well, here we are. In 2016 already! February 2016! As I was fortunate enough to spend most of my January travelling around Cuba (film photographs coming back from the lab soon), my ‘Best Creative Wedding Photography 2015’ blog post is a little late this year. I hope you’ll bear with me though, as I always think a little trip down memory lane is a rather pleasant activity, whatever time of year you get round to it.

As I’m sure many other photographers do, I always find it difficult to narrow down a whole years worth of photographs into a small selection. I find it even harder to put my feelings about these 1000s of images into words. This year, I’ve gone with my gut and picked out images from each wedding that made me smile. The majority of them feature fun and laughter and I hope they communicate the feelings of joy that I find at weddings.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, each of the favourites I’ve chosen takes me back in time to a little moment of my 2015. These photographs mark out dates in my calendar, beautiful places I visited and new people I met along the way. Moments that I’d forgotten until I looked back. These same moments made up huge milestones in the lives of my couples and I hope that when they look back on these photographs, they’ll also remember how they felt that day.

One thing is for sure, I cannot emphasise enough how grateful I am to the couples that invite me into their world on their best of days. Thank you for letting me do this ‘job’.

This weekend I’ll begin shooting 2016 weddings and I can’t wait to see what this year will hold. I hope you enjoy my Best of Creative Wedding Photography 2015 choices. Here goes…

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Hannah & Mike Sneak Previews-09


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