Creative Wedding Photography: Marian & Mike’s Wedding Sneak Previews

As I was up dancing until 3am with the wedding guests last night, I’ll keep this short and sweet… Yesterday’s wedding in the Rio Douro, Portugal was totally amazing! Marian & Mike, your wedding was absolutely beautiful and terrific fun in equal measure. Congratulations to you both and lots of love. Creative Wedding Photography-1Creative Wedding Photography-2Creative Wedding Photography-3Creative Wedding Photography-4Creative Wedding Photography-5Creative Wedding Photography-6Creative Wedding Photography-7Creative Wedding Photography-8Creative Wedding Photography-9Creative Wedding Photography-10Creative Wedding Photography-11Creative Wedding Photography-12Creative Wedding Photography-13Creative Wedding Photography-14Creative Wedding Photography-15Creative Wedding Photography-16Creative Wedding Photography-17Creative Wedding Photography-18Creative Wedding Photography-19Creative Wedding Photography-20Creative Wedding Photography-21Creative Wedding Photography-22Creative Wedding Photography-23Creative Wedding Photography-24Creative Wedding Photography-25Creative Wedding Photography-26Creative Wedding Photography-27Creative Wedding Photography-28Creative Wedding Photography-29Creative Wedding Photography-30Creative Wedding Photography-31Creative Wedding Photography-32Creative Wedding Photography-33Creative Wedding Photography-34Creative Wedding Photography-35Creative Wedding Photography-36

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